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    bread2shareCIC is a social enterprise

offering workshops inspired by the creative potential of bread making.

“Peace goes into the making of a poem as flour goes into the making of bread – Pablo Neruda

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bread2share has been developed to explore the potential of bread making as a tool to develop community and wellbeing.

We specialise in a workshop that can travel to our client.We bring all our own equipment and materials. This greatly reduces the stress of travel for those who struggle or are hindered through lack of  mobility.

We also have the use of a lovely garden kitchen in Stourbridge where we can provide a comfortable environment from which to have a workshop.


   bread2share workshops:

  • group workshops – held at a friendly garden kitchen in Stourbridge or  at your School, Centre or location of your choice.
  • baking clubs – we offer a series of workshops learning basic bread making skills
  • one-to-one baking sessions – for whatever reason you are housebound, we can come to you and bake at home.
  • training facility – for support workers, teachers and  other practitioners who are interested in the  collective and potentially therapeutic potential of  bread making.

For further information about bread2share and our workshops please contact Sarah Goudie



“bread making is not limited to gender, age, profession or ethnic belonging.It unites young and old, rich and poor, stranger and friend –Nadezhda Savova, founder of Bread Houses Network