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    bread2shareCIC  a social enterprise working with breadmaking in the community.

“Peace goes into the making of a poem as flour goes into the making of bread – Pablo Neruda

bread2share came to a close at the end of May 2018.   It was a Community Interest Company based in Stourbridge, West Midlands. We ran for six years and were privileged to work with a diverse and extraordinary number of people – all ages, abilities and nationalities included.

Please browse our facebook and twitter feed for a glimpse of the work we undertook. We have some lovely photos to see.

We will be following up with an online presence that shares the vitality and worth of breadmaking – its wellbeing benefits and we will include an evaluation of bread2share for all to see.

For a glimpse of our work and ideas take a look at a lovely film made for us by Simon at  Reel Eyes Films

For further information about the legacy of bread2share and if you would like support or advice with your own group bread making, please contact Sarah Goudie on 07765 288644


“bread making is not limited to gender, age, profession or ethnic belonging.It unites young and old, rich and poor, stranger and friend –Nadezhda Savova, founder of  the Bread Houses Network