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Baking Club – Family Group – Pens Meadow Special School

How lucky we are to go and bake with the parents, children and staff at the wonderful Pens Meadow Special School.


getting set up….

Last week we started our monthly Baking Clubs after a successful series of workshops at the school in the Spring.   Here are some photos from those Spring workshops!


Our wonder volunteer Mark documenting the rise!


We went in weekly for a month and eachweek we made something different.  The group grew in numbers and a few of the children came to join their parents and grandparents.  So we are really pleased to be going back to see familiar faces and  new eager faces



It is always a gift that someone wants to join a group – offer their time  and attention to learning a new skill and to join in and meet new people 🙂

We think bread is a gift.   It is our pleasure to hand people their warm baked bread at the end of the session, as it is a gift for us to receive the warm smile on their faces in return.

learning to knead...

learning to knead…

Last week we made garlic and herb bread, we focused on the kneading and many people stood up and the room was full of energy

Thank you to everyone who came…  I have been thinking of the happy, warm and busy atmosphere in the room and the laughter!

Thank you to Alana, Jacob and Nikos who came from their classrooms and sprinkled their magic into the bread – lovely trio of kids…


super spelt loaf

super spelt loaf