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bread2share now a CIC

We are now formally set up as a Community Interest Company!  Very exciting for us and on to the next stage – entering the world of rocket science again after thinking it wasn’t!!   But is all good and we continue to develop what we do.

There is no doubt in my mind that creative process is alive and kicking in the workshops.  Bread making continues to deliver fun and relief for many of the people we encounter on our travels.

Bravo to Sam and Tanya at the Insight cafe in Brierley Hill, Dudley last week.   We were so pleased they took part and is very exciting what one can do with a pool table and a baked potato oven!!  Who needs fancy kitchens… well we do at some stage!  But is a treat to know that you can have the simplest of equipment and makes me think maybe there is an opening at all the pubs in the area!!  I jest….   But a mobile oven is on the wish list!!Image