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I have been working one-to-one with Andrew Spriggs. We met at the Inclusive Living Day for Disabled People held organised by Dudley CIL. A wonderful organisation set up to ‘include’ and inspire.

Andrew munching spelt, pumpkin seeds and cheese rolls!

Andrew munching spelt, pumpkin seeds and cheese rolls!

We have made spelt loaves and spelt rolls with pumpkin and cheese. We made pizza and plaited loaves. In addition, and while the bread is rising, we made soup, stews all in Andrews slow cooker… sat on the side for too long unused! On our last session before xmas we made cornish pasties – a first for us both!

It is really great to see what people enjoy – Andrew doesn’t actually enjoy the sticky dough but loves rolling out pastry and plaiting the harvest loaf.

I suggested Andrew would enjoy the disability unit at Queen’s Cross where there are many activities and opportunities. He is such a bright man with so much enthusiasm! He has started there now and is going for four days a week…. He is going to learn to read and write.

These are the benefits of reaching people, connecting services, sharing information and listening. We will continue cooking and baking fortnightly and fill the freezer with good home cooked food!