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Bread2share has developed workshops that focus on the sensory and creative elements of bread making.   Whoever is in our workshop – able or disabled, young or old – everyone leaves with a sense of achievement and a strengthened sense of community.

Our workshops fall into two groups and are charged accordingly:

 1)   social care workshops – for example schools, special schools, dementia gateways, mental health units

2)   workshops for the wider community – bread making is great fun for a party or a celebration.  It is a very good team building activity

  • Workshops are between two and four hours in length.  We suggest a minimum of two hrs.
  • A group can be between four and 10 people depending on the needs of each individual.
  • Our workshops enable us to travel to our clients by bringing our equipment with us.
  • This helps those who benefit from remaining in a familiar environment and reduces the stress and costs of travel.
  • All we need is a basic space, washing up facilities and cooker (although not essential).We aim to work with as many organic ingredients as we can and our focus is on spelt flour for its ease and nutritional content.  We make soda breads, pitta, plaited breads and use seeds, cheeses, herbs and flowers in our bread

 kitchen workshops

  • We have the use of a beautiful farm kitchen in Kinver on Saturdays and in the holidays
  • This venue suits those who would like a change of venue or do not have a suitable kitchen setting.
  • We can support parties and fun group activities


For further information about bread2share and our workshops please contact us